The directories in this digital library each contain a collection of on-line materials, links to other sites, and bibliographies that support the study of "Professionalism in Computing" as taught at Virginia Tech in the Computer Science Department. Each directory contains not only a collection of reading materials but also an outline for a class, together with supporting "overheads". Another teacher using this material can simply utilize their own local front end on their own server to develop a customized course for their students. It is also possible to use this material as a self-study, or self-paced activity by browsing the library of materials and references. We will be adding additional materials continually and particularly supplying samples of assignments for the guidance of both teachers and students. We would encourage you to help us in keeping this library up-to-date by sending us other links that you find useful, copies of assignments, and copies of student responses.

Each directory contains the following internal links:

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