CS3604 - Professionalism in Computing - Dr. Hartson - Fall 2002

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Credits: Much of the material in this site has been adapted from the Professionalism in Computing site by J.A.N. Lee at: http://courses.cs.vt.edu/~cs3604)


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Class meetings

Fall 2002 
209 McBryde Hall 
MWF 10:10-11:00 A.M. 


Dr. H. Rex Hartson 
634 McBryde Hall 
office hours: 
  • Mon, Wed 11:10 AM - noon
  • also by appointment
  • also we can cover quick questions and discussions immediately after class


Chuck Holbrook



Office hours (held in the computer lab in 118 McB):

  • Tues, Thurs, Fri at 2:00 PM*
  • also by appointment
  • Chuck will stay after class each day to cover questions about grading

*These are Chuck's potential office hours. He will not be at his office hours unless you request to meet then. Ask Chuck in class or send him email.