Effective Strategies for Online Job Search

Effective Strategies for Online Job Search
Duration: 44.3 Minutes

On March 5, 2002, PwC Consulting presented a live webinar on "Effective
Strategies for Online Job Search". This was a new medium for PwC
Consulting's external audience, and we would like to share the archived
version with you!

Webinar content includes:
Reasons to Search for a Job Online
Creating an Online Search Strategy
How to Create Your Electronic Resume
Online Resources to Help you Interview
And much, much more

To View the Recording:
1) Click here
2) Under "View a Recording", Enter your name.
4) Under "Recording ID", Enter: 569
5) Under "Password", Enter: consulting
6) Under "Company Name", Enter: Your company's name
7) Under "E-Mail Address", Enter: Your email address
8) Click "View"

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J.A.N. Lee