CS 3414

CS/Math 3414: Numerical Methods

Fall 2001

GTA: Li Wang, 133 MCB, liwang5@vt.edu.

Office hours: Tuesday, Thursday, 13:00-16:00.

For all labs, turn in the Mathematica scripts/commands or Fortran 90 program you used to produce the results, the output, and answers to any questions in the assignment. You must use Mathematica or Fortran 90 to do all assignments. If using Mathematica, your solution should be a functional program rather than a C-like procedural program. If using Fortran 90, you should take advantage of the power of Fortran 90 syntax and intrinsic functions, and not simply recode a C++ solution in Fortran.

Practice Problems:

Answers to most of these are in the books.

The Mathematica macros for Householder reflections and the lab notebook from the lab on Householder reflections are available.

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