CS 3204 Programming Projects

Project Specifications

This semester, the project stream for CS 3204 will use the Pintos environment.  This is a very different approach than has been used recently in this course, so you should expect some fine-tuning as we proceed.  You are heartily advised to not procrastinate on these projects.  They are very interesting.

A description of the warmup project can be found here.

A description of Pintos, and Projects 1 - 4 can be found here in HTML and PDF.  This will probably be updated from time to time.  Updates will be announced in class.  You are responsible for keeping up with the changes.

A browsable view of the Pintos source is available here.

The presentations for the Project help sessions are available:  Project 1  Project 2  Project 3 (+ commentaryProject 4

Project due dates:

Information Applying to All Projects

Please send comments and suggestions to William McQuain at wmcquain@cs.vt.edu.