Final Grades CS3204 Spring 2006, Back's Section

I had 28 students on my grade roster. I strictly enforced the rule that no student without a working project 2 was allowed to pass the class. The same rule was enforced in McQuain's sections. You can compare this histogram to a histogram of his sections and a combined histogram here. I counted the projects for 55%, the final and midterm for 30% and 15%, respectively. I took extra credit into account after setting the cut-offs for the individual grades. Your final grade has been submitted to the registrar and uploaded to Blackboard. Some students failed even though they passed the project threshold because they showed consistently low performance on the individual measures of performance: project 0, midterm and final exam.

On a sad note, I felt compelled to file honor code complaints against two students. The histogram above was created under the assumption that no honor code violation occurred.

I think that you should take away a sense of pride and accomplishment if you passed this very challenging class. I hope that this class gave you a practical introduction into how operating systems work and how they are constructed. I believe that even though most of you will not work as systems programmers or OS designers, having had the chance to look at an OS from an interior perspective should prove useful in whatever area of computer science or engineering you will specialize.

I hope everybody enjoyed this class, and congratulations to those who graduated this semester!