CS 3204 Operating Systems
Spring 2002


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1 February I have posted a short page with information on building and installing gcc. I have also included information about the fix so that the proper libraries are loaded.
29 January You should submit your assignments to http://spasm.cs.vt.edu:8080/curator01/
17 January The RVGLUG (Roanoke Valley GNU/Linux Users Group) is having an install fest on 26 January. They will only be installing Red Hat 7.2. More information can be found at http://installfest.rvglug.org/

If you want Mandrake CDs, please bring 3 CD-Rs to class on Thursday, 24 January. Please label the cases with your name.

14 January Welcome to class! Please read the syllabus.  We will have lecture on the first day.  If you want to force-add you must attend the first day and fill out a CS department specific force-add form.
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