Project-1 design issues

    - Once the process becomes long, it stays long

    - The job id does not indicate the arrival time

    - All the resources are pre-allocated. A process keeps these resources from the time when it enters till it completes execution

    - Short jobs and long jobs canít be in the ready queue at the same time.

    - If a display arrives and the quantum is NOT interrupted, and an arrival comes in before the quantum, then the display is forgotten.

     Important Issues

     1. If job X is running but is long (in other words the ready queue is empty) and job Y arrives and moves to the ready queue, job X goes to the
         end of the ready queue and causes the long queue to go back to long.

     2. If job X arrives and CAN start, then it goes to the ready queue but does NOT interrupt the currently executing job. (unless it is long).

     3. On your design, picture you writing the job scheduler and someone else writing the process scheduler, I should not be able to change the        

amount of MM for that job.