Final Grades Fall 2008

I set the final grades based on your project and exam performance. I uploaded the grades into Banner and also posted them in your grades directory in a file called 'final_letter_grade'.

I used the following weights: 1 final exam point == 2 midterm exam points == 2.6 project points. Consequently, the projects were given a weight of about 55%. I set a curve first and applied the extra credit afterwards. A number of students were able to improve their letter grade in this way.

I ended up giving fewer A/A- than I would have liked. In addition to very good exam scores, I would expect A students to provide complete solutions for all 4 projects - including going the extra mile to implement eviction and persistence in projects 3 and 4.

To set the B/C cutoff, I looked for proof of individual performance in project 0 and the exams.

Click here for a histogram of final letter grades to see how the class did.

I would like to congratulate everyone who passed the class and hope you enjoy your holiday break!