CS 3204 Programming Assignment Submission Format Guidelines

All CS 3204 Assignments must be submitted to the Curator System. Please read the Student Guide.

The URL is available on the Curator Project home page:  http://www.cs.vt.edu/curator/

Submission Guidelines:

Project Archive Format

Any CS 3204 programming assignments which are not auto-graded must be submitted to the Curator in a standard gzip'd tar format. This requirement will apply to the "major" projects which will be demonstrated for the GTAs.

To create a gzip'd tar file, use the command:   tar -zcf <name of your archive file> <names of files to include>

For example:   tar -zcf myProject1.tgz *.h *.cpp


Project Archive Contents

The deliverables that the submitted archive file must contain will be listed in each project specification.

The following Honor Code Pledge must be included in the header comment of your main source file.

//    On my honor:


//    - I have not discussed the C++ language code in my program with

//      anyone other than my instructor or the teaching assistants

//      assigned to this course.


//    - I have not used C++ language code obtained from another student,

//      or any other unauthorized source, either modified or unmodified. 


//    - If any C++ language code or documentation used in my program

//      was obtained from another source, such as a text book or course

//      notes, that has been clearly noted with a proper citation in

//      the comments of my program.


//    - I have not designed this program in such a way as to defeat or

//      interfere with the normal operation of the Curator System.


//    <Student's Name>

Design Documentation

Any design documentation required will be mentioned specifically in the particular assignment. Be sure to check the assignments web page and read the FAQ.


Some programming assignments may require you to demonstrate your program to one of the CS 3204 TAs during a scheduled demo time. Even if project demonstrations are not required for all students, in the case of  a nonfunctional program, the TAs may require you to demonstrate your program during their office hours.

Please send comments and suggestions to William McQuain at wmcquain@cs.vt.edu.