CS2704 Summer I, 2002 Projects

Project 1:  SameGame

SameGame (association) specifications are now available. A two-dimensional array class is being provided for use in project 1. Right-click on the 2-dim link in a Web browser and select "Save Target As..." to download the class header file. A brief explanation of using the 2-dim class is also available here.

Students should signup for a demo time slot with the GTA. Demos will begin on Monday. June 3rd, which is also the last day to signup and schedule a demo.

Please note that the output format need not exactly match the example below. In particular, you do not need to echo the touch commands. However, having the dashes around the display and score output will make life easier at demo time.

A first sample set of I/O files:

Input #0: sgIn.txt

Output #0: sgOut.txt

Students are encouraged to download these files and test their programs on the files prior to any submission. Right-click on the links in a Web browser and select "Save Target As..." to download the files. But you must test your program yourself using many different input files.

Project 2: ATM

In this project, you will implement a simulation of a simple Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) bank teller system. This project will give you experience in working with aggregation,  file I/O, creating a user interface, as well as working on a larger, more-complete system, which you will design and implement on your own.

This project is divided into achievable parts that will each be built on one another;  each type of account as well as "transaction information" can be developed incrementally and added to the system. At its most basic level, the project consists of a command-line interface for the ATM and interaction with account files, which contain information for individual accounts. At its most complex, the project consists of several types of account as well as an interface to account transaction history.

Project 3: Manufacturing Simulation






Process 1 - create a Thingamagig



Process 2 - create a Dohickey



simple input to create a Whatchamacallit



more complex example

Information Applying to All Projects