Re: Danger, Danger Will Robinson!

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Posted by Jim Smith on May 07, 2001 at 22:18:19:

In Reply to: Re: Danger, Danger Will Robinson! posted by Nadine Edwards on May 07, 2001 at 09:46:59:

I can see two interpretations of the "no move"

Case 1: "No Move" is considered a normal move,
just like a move in any direction.
Maybe the thing chases its tail for a
while or something. If it's no
different than any other move, the
grendel would hunt and eat stuff, but
it would have to pay the energy penalty
for making a move. The spec doesn't
support this case [but it would be
easier, so maybe we should just define
this behavior as correct].

Case 2: "No move" is not considered a move. The
creature doesn't go anywhere. It just
sits there and smiles politely. There
would be no energy change for movement
because it doesn't actually go anywhere,
but it wouldn't go looking for food
either. This is the behavior contained
in the spec (note that the behavior in
the spec isn't the behavior in the
grading data).

Default: just kidding ;-)

The way I see it, even if the no-move move is
ambiguous in the spec, it's got to be one or
the other, and the "official behavior" (sorry,
no links tonight) doesn't fall into either case,
so I've still got to say that it's broken.

Anyway, good luck on those finals and enjoy
your summer (may it be free of predatory creatures
that don't know whether they're moving or standing
still) :-)


: I can see how this can be misinterpreted as a
: change... i thought so too, until I realized
: that in the Grendels' move status there is a
: time when they do 'no move'. Assuming this is
: considered a move.. then updating his energy
: and checking the square for something to eat,
: happens like at wvery other time. On the othere
: hand, if you assume that the actions on the tick
: are sacred and never change, then he still go
: throught the thing of checking whats there to be
: eaten...

: Have a great semester!

: ~N~

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