Re: Stuff worng in both Mr. McQuain's logs and on the checksheet

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Posted by William Hawkins on May 02, 2001 at 09:49:28:

In Reply to: Re: Stuff worng in both Mr. McQuain's logs and on the checksheet posted by William D McQuain on May 02, 2001 at 09:32:22:

Thank you for the info. Since the spec was not updated, I still feal this is inappropriate, because the way the spec was worded, I thought that if a creature entered the square after the grendel, the grendel wouldn't eat it. I just didn't see the posts on the discussion board. In light of this information, I gurss i have to live with it. :(

Thank you for your time.
William Hawkins

: I'm including the text of my post (note the date) regarding this issue. This was also discussed on the board on the 20th and again after that. Note also that the post and reply below refer to the original test kill data, not to any of the data that was posted later on, so there was ample warning about this issue.

: I don't care whether you whine or not... but whining about something that is your fault does not enhance your stature.

: Posted by William D McQuain on April 17, 2001 at 16:25:13:

: In Reply to: Another Error or my Misinterpritation? posted by Robert Hoffman on April 16, 2001 at 16:50:19:

: In the scenario below, on tick #8, Tom entered a square and then Thumper entered the same square. As per the spec, Tom does not attack Thumper at that time.

: On tick #9, Tom is updated before Thumper, so when Tom updates, Thumper is still in the same square. Also, when Tom updates he does not move to a new square. So, the question is: does Tom attack on a "no move" update?

: Obviously in my implementation he does. That's somewhat simpler to handle since you don't have to check for whether Tom actually moved or not before deciding what to munch.

: Officially, the behavior shown here is the correct behavior.

: : The following was cut and pasted strait fromt the SampleKillDataLog.txt as posted for program checking...

: : I have noticed that the checksheet is based on Mr. McQuain's logs. I have also noticed that in Mr. McQuain's logs, his grendels eat creatures that come into the square after them. This is contrary to the spec.
: : I was wondering why we should loose points on the demo, if our program outputed correctly, while Mr. McQuain's didn't.

: : I would appricate a "grown-up" response from one of the teachers. (I dont want a teacher, namely Mr.McQuain, to tell me to stop whining).

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