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Posted by Daniel Longest on April 23, 2001 at 01:09:12:

In Reply to: BOUT TIME TO START A NEW THREAD FOLKS! posted by john booker on April 23, 2001 at 00:54:16:

You could double major in CS and Bardery. There are odder combinations. I don't know if CS1704 is unnecessarily hard or not. The topics introduced are the most complex and difficult of the "beginner" concepts but they must be learned. The programs given are meant to be a test, not as a way to fail everyone. The fact that a lot of ppl fail does not mean that it is the instructor's goal. I thought the Amulet GUI stuff was fun. It wasn't the greatest because GUI design wasn't taught and there are alternatives to Amulet that are easier and better (like wxWindows but Amulet fit better with our knowledge at that point). I do like the part about having McBryde renamed. Give them a lot of money and one day, CS majors will go demo in Booker Hall.


: It's a haiku! IT SUCKS! I'm a cs major, not a bard, but anyway. What if the test data had been correct? Well it wasn't. Not just this one set, earlier sets as well. And sets for other projects. So I think equating one set of test data in one project in one course does represent the attitude of the CS department. It's poorly managed. CS 1704 is unnecessarily hard. No course should have the reputation that it does. Same with the said unix course. Even with 1704 I hear they removed the amulet GUI portion of it because it was too hard. You can't deny that the courses were lacking, and you can't say it's all fixed now either. CS is a relatively new major in the scheme of things. It is more than our right to speak up over some things, it is our duty to help shape the CS department here. The best thing we can do isn't to graduate and donate millions from our internet startup company to have mcbryde renamed hall, but rather to help the teachers provide a better education for future classes, and for ourselves. This isn't just a reaction to the test files, it's a reaction to the lack of organization in the cs department.

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