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Posted by Daniel Longest on April 23, 2001 at 00:50:39:

In Reply to: Re: yes posted by John Booker on April 23, 2001 at 00:43:04:

I apologize, I do acknowledge that there were some errors made. Mr. McQuain is human, he will make them. You make them. I make them. I make tons. If I was in his employ, I wouldn't have had to kill myself working so hard on this program. I'm not saying he should be less accountable but it seems like most ppl are blaming him for them not finishing their programs, somehow that introduction of errorneous test data the morning of the day the submission is due caused their program to go to pot. That's about all I have to say on the matter. For those still working good luck.


: Mistakes WE made WE were docked for. Some pay so dearly they take the course twice. We suffer consequences for our mistakes. Also, a lot of this frustration seems to be the culmination of a few semesters of lackluster CS courses and not just due to this one bad set of data files. And we could make up our own set of data files, Daniel. We could also teach ourselves the entirety of what would comprise a CS degree here at teach, which is mostly what I've been doing lately. You have valid points and it's a bit harsh to stick it to McQuain over this error. But on the other hand, why are you making excuses for him? Why is he to be held LESS accountable than we are over errors? You seem to be overlooking the fact that he is not some sort of volunteer instructor who is, out of the goodness of his heart, teaching us OOP. He is a paid professional. My issues are more with the CS department as a whole, and less with McQuain specifically. I dunno, it's late. I wish you'd acknowledge some of our points instead of defending Mcquain so diligently. One might think you're in his employ.

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