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Posted by Chris Stillwell on April 22, 2001 at 18:29:49:

In Reply to: Re: help posted by Dave Longley on April 22, 2001 at 18:04:52:

I don't think forward declaration is my problem. It appears to only be a problem with things derived from Herbivore. Other classes making use of the pointer derive fine from my Creature base class and Animal.

: Comment out your ecosystem/manager/whatever pointer and compile to check to make sure your forward declarations are working properly. If it compiles with appropriate code commented out, then you aren't doing your forward declarations right.

: : Yes i'm having the same problem as Chris, and yes
: : i have included Animal.h and even tried a forward
: : declaration of Animal.h, and it still doesnt work

: : : : I have Grendel, Browser, and Grazer derived from my
: : : : Animal class, but i'm getting an error in each one
: : : : of those header files Grendel.h , Browser.h , and
: : : : Grazer.h , saying that the "base class Animal is undefined"
: : : : Why is this happening? Thanks

: : : Geez, Z, you and I seem to have the same problems. Wish I could help you with this one, too, but I don't have the answer yet, either. I have an animal class with grendel and an herbivore class derived from it, and grazer and browser derived from herbivore. It's the grazer and browser classes that turn up the "'Herbivore' : base class undefined" errors.

: : : So, anyways, I could use help from any or all kind souls reading this message board. Yes, herbivore.h is included in both Browser and Grazer.

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