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Posted by Tyler Woods on April 22, 2001 at 15:26:51:

In Reply to: Grrr... new sample data different.... and errors? posted by Tyler Woods on April 22, 2001 at 15:08:41:

Ok, just went over the second data file (the free for all...). After 6 ticks, the grendel should be at location (x+1, y+1) assuming he started at location (x, y). If you don't believe me just do the math. That means that the grendels after tick 18 should be exactly (x+3, y+3) assuming the counter started at 1. 1-6 -- one cycle, 7-12 -- second cycle, 13-18 -- third cycle. That means after tick 19 and tick 20, the grendels should have moved east twice. meaning its new location should be location (x+5, y+3). All the status commands at the end of the log show (x+4, y+3). This isn't correct. Someone please show me the fault in my logic so I can fix it in the this program. Thanks.

: Ok. It's obvious someone either ran these two new sample datas on a different program or updated Mr. McQuain's. There are new log messages, the format is different ("BrowserX is not gonna munch on PlantY" -- an example; "GrendelX is not gonna move." -- another example). Aside from that, I'm pretty sure there are errors in this one. For instance, why doesn't the browser2 move in tick 7 (on command 13 of the first of the 2 new data scripts)? It just created the browser the command before. It moves in tick 8 though... I'm just curious.

: Tyler

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