Re: Another Error or my Misinterpritation?

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Posted by Dave Longley on April 16, 2001 at 21:28:39:

In Reply to: Another Error or my Misinterpritation? posted by Robert Hoffman on April 16, 2001 at 16:50:19:

It's my guess that this situation wasn't anticipated when the "too dumb to eat, if you will" was written in the specs. I think a better description of why the grendel doesn't eat another animal that enters its square is because it isn't the grendel's turn to move. Either:

1. the grendel hasn't moved yet...and will move on its turn to a new location and THEN proceed to look for food,

2. or the grendel's turn has already expired.

Keeping in mind that the ecosystem functions on ticks and each animal has its own turn per tick is a better way to describe why a grendel would fail to consume an animal that enters its square.

: The following was cut and pasted strait fromt the SampleKillDataLog.txt as posted for program checking...

: ******************************************************
: Command 30: status Tom
: Grendel Tom 42 (6, 7)
: ----------------------------------------------
: Command 31: status Lunch
: Life form not found: Lunch
: ----------------------------------------------
: Command 32: status Munch
: Browser Munch 54 (6, 7)
: ----------------------------------------------
: Command 33: create browser Thumper 20 6 7
: Added a Browser.
: ----------------------------------------------
: Command 34: tick 3
: --------------- tick number: 8
: Tom moved east
: Munch moved south
: Thumper moved east
: --------------- tick number: 9
: Tom gonna munch Thumper
: Munch moved east
: *******************************************************

: The question becomes, Tom -grendel- is located at (6,7) when Thumper -browser- is created. On the first simulation tick, Tom moves first -east-, then Thumper moves -east also-. No problem yet.

: Next turn, Tom does not move, but eats thumper. Problem. Thumper is as called "dumb food". He moved in after Tom, and Tom did not move into him.

: I was under the impression that dumb food was not to be eaten. Is this an exception that should be accounted for? More curious then anything right now.

: Thanks to whomever can answere.

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