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Posted by Amit Nithian on March 15, 2001 at 00:18:24:

In Reply to: Re: HW4 file formats posted by Jim Smith on March 14, 2001 at 21:13:05:

It is reasons like this why I like this message board over the list serv.

First off.. who cares about compatibility? Just draw up a design and walk 2 feet over from CS 2704 to a lab and draw it up in MS WOrd and submit it.. it's only a homework assignment.

There's my 2 cents and I don't feel that much guilty writing this message since it doesn't clutter up anyone's mailbox :-) .

- Amit Nithian
: : : Word format won't work for those of us who aren't
: : : operating-system-impaired,
: :
: : I'm not going to engage in a religious debate
: : regarding OS choice, but that's an ignorant
: : statement. And yes, I have and do use Unix as
: : well.

: I don't usually reply to messages like this, but
: I feel that my meaning has been misrepresented.
: I'm sure that my butchery of the English language
: has contributed to this misinterpretation. Let
: me clear up what exactly I mean:

: /me removes his foot from his mouth :-!

: First of all, I don't mean to sound like I'm
: even talking about any operating system, word
: processor, or user thereof. My statement was
: intended only to describe the file format employed
: by Microsoft Word - not Word itself, nor the
: platforms it runs on, nor those who choose to
: use it for their word processing needs.

: What I was trying to say is that by using the
: Word format to store a document, one may only
: access that document under a single platform.
: Hence the term, "operating-system-impaired".
: From my awkward wording, one might think that I
: was expressing some opinion about operating
: systems. That was not my intent. I did not even
: want to bring operating systems into the picture
: except as an example of what I feel is wrong with
: the file format.

: I would not use a file format that can only be
: used in Windows. I would not use a file format
: that can only be used in Unix. I would not use
: a file format that can only be used in MacOS, or
: any single platform for that matter. I want the
: flexibility to start a file in operating system
: "X", add a diagram in operating system "Y", then
: print it from operating system "Z". The Word
: format will not allow this flexibility. Which
: is exactly why I won't touch it with a 10-foot
: pole, and requested the option to use the PDF
: format, which allows one to work on a document
: from a variety of operating systems. That
: is all I meant to say.

: I respect your decision to use the Word format,
: and appreciate the option to submit the document
: as plain text, which is a format supported on
: every platform that I can think of off the top
: of my head. My preference for PDF over text is
: based solely on the fact that it allows for more
: variety of content, but I can certainly live with

: I hope this makes things clearer. I should know
: better than to even use the words "operating
: system" in public - they tend to make any
: statement, let alone an ambiguous and poorly-
: constructed one, sound inflammatory, and one
: ends up looking like some uninformed OS bigot
: (and there are already too many of them in the
: world).

: Enough English. Time to write C++.

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