CS 2704 Programming Projects - Spring 2001

Major Projects

Any project specification labeled "Draft" is still subject to substantial revisions.

Students must demo these projects for a TA.  Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.




Sample I/O Files**

Last Modified*


P. E. S. T.

23:59:59 Sunday

April 22 (firm)

The log files for samples 0 and 1 were reposted with corrected location output on April 16:

0: aging data and log

1: movement data and log

2: simple kill data and log


The demo data will be a subset of the following files:

3: Aging test and log (fixed)

4: Movement test and log

5: Grazing test and log

6: Grazing test and log (different)

7: Munching test and log

8: Munching test and log (different)

9: Munching test and log (different)

   Log for 9 was fixed ~11 pm.

10: Free for all and log (different)

   Log for 10 was fixed ~11 pm.

...that's it...

P3 Checksheet

April 5


Bookstore dB

23:59:59 Friday

March 30

0:  bookDB authorDB  Script   Log

1:  bookDB authorDB  Script   Log

Test data and instructions:

2:  bookDB authorDB  Script   Log


Mar 12



23:59:59 Friday February 23

0:  Script   Log

1:  Script   Log

2:  Script   Log

Test data and instructions:

3:  Script   Log


Jan 31

*Changes will be highlighted in yellow in the revised document. See the Announcements page for details of changes.

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Information Applying to All Projects

Please send comments and suggestions to William McQuain at mcquain@cs.vt.edu.