CS 2704 Calendar - Spring 2001

This is a tentative schedule.

All dates and times are subject to change; such changes may be announced in class, via email, or posted to the web. Students are responsible for all information provided to them in these ways. This means that students must regularly check the CS 2704 website for announcements, check their email, and attend class.

The links in the Reading Assignment column are to bookmarks in the Reading Guide.

Lecture Topic Reading Assignment Week of...
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Course Administration



January 15



Design Paradigms

LT: Ch 1 & Ch 2


OO Design Basics

LT: Ch 3


C++ Review (quick)

S: Ch 2


January 22



Identifying Objects and Classes

LT: Ch 5


Designing Classes

LT: Ch 6


January 29
Evaluating Class Designs   C06


LT: Ch 9


February 5

Aggregation C08

 Representing OO Designs



February 12




February 19




February 26

Spring Break:  March 3 11







March 12




March 19




March 26




April 2




April 9




April 16




April 23




April 30

Exams:  May 4 9




* S refers to The C++ Programming Language, 3rd Ed. by Stroustrup

   LT refers to UML and C++, 2nd Ed. by Lee and Tepfenhart