CS 2704 Notes for Mr. McQuain Spring 2000

Updated course notes will be posted here in PDF format as they become available.

Topic 1-up format 4-up format
Course Administration here here
Software Engineering Basics here here
Basics of C++ Classes  here here
Composition of Classes here here
Design and Evaluation here here
More C++ here here
Templates (Revised) here here
Intro to inheritance I here here
Controlling Inheritance II here here
Polymorphism (Revised) here here
Templates and Inheritance here here
Standard Template Library here here
Type Conversion here here
Using C++ Exceptions here here
Friends and Such here here
Design Patterns here here
...No more to come...    

Homework for my section:

Code Samples:

Supplemental Notes:

Koofers:        Test1 Fall 1999        Test2 Fall 1999        Midterm Spring 2000

Last updated on:    Tuesday, May 02, 2000