CS 2704 Calendar - Spring 2000

This is a tentative schedule.

All dates and times are subject to change; such changes may be announced in class, via email, or posted to the web. Students are responsible for all information provided to them in these ways. This means that students must regularly check the CS2704 homepage for announcements, check their email, and attend class.
Week  Projects, Exams, Exercises (Additional Exercises may be assigned.)
 Jan 31
  • Homework #1 due
 Feb 9
  • Project #1 due
 Feb 25 
  • Last day to drop!
March 1
  • Project #2 due
May 9
  • Final Exam  
  • 1:05-3:05 PM - Location TBA

Please send comments and suggestions to David Tessendorf at dtessend@vt.edu.