CS 2704 - Fall 1999
Object-Oriented Software
Design and Construction

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Nov. 29th
The final exam for CS2704 is a common time exam.  All sections of CS 2704 will have the exam on Tuesday, 14 December 1999 from 1:05 P.M. until 3:05 P.M.  The exams will not be held in the normal classroom for you section.  Two rooms will be used for the exam.  McQuain's students will use one room, and Keller's students the other.  The rooms and sections are
Instructor Sections Final Exam Location
Keller 5262 and 5264 Whittemore 300
McQuain 5261 and 5263 Davidson 3



Instructor: Dr. Ben Keller Dr. Bill McQuain
Sections: MWF 11:00-11.50 ROB 105 #5262
MWF 1:00-1:50 MCB 209 #5264
TH 8:00-9:15 RAND 221 #5261
TH 11:00-12:15 HOLD 114 #5263
Office: 525 McBryde  631 McBryde
Office Hours: 9:00-10:30 MWF, 3:15-5:00 TH, and by appt. 9:00-11:00 MWF and by appt.
Email: keller@cs.vt.edu mcquain@cs.vt.edu
Phone: 231-9367 231-5605
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Teaching Assistants

Name: Mike Parks Didem Durmaz Abhijit Khobare Nathan Conklin
Email: miparks3@vt.edu ddurmaz@csgrad.cs.vt.edu akhobare@csgrad.cs.vt.edu nconklin@vt.edu
Office Hours: M 1-4 PM W 3-6 PM M 1-3, 7-8 PM
T 9-11 AM
W 5-7 PM
F 4-7 PM
M,W 11-2 PM
T,H 2-4 PM
All GTA office hours will be held in McB 128.

Please send comments and suggestions to Mike Parks at miparks3@vt.edu.