CS 2704 Slides for Dr. McQuain - Fall 1999

Final Grades:

Your final exam score was substituted for one of your test scores, if that improved your average.  (This was done via an Excel formula, NOT a substitution in the spreadsheet.  And yes, the more advantageous substitution was made.)

The weight given each score is shown at the bottom of the spreadsheet.  The "Average" column was computed by multiplying each of your scores by its weight and adding up the results.   The overall class averages are shown at the end of the spreadsheets.

I then applied a Krider curve with alpha = 0.15 to the averages to produce the column labeled "Krider".   The overall class averages and medians following the curve are also shown at the end of the spreadsheets.

I then assigned the final course grades (letter grades) based on the curved averages.

Note:  given the size of the curve that I applied, I did not fuzz any boundaries for +/- grades.  Don't ask me to.


The course slides are available in the PDF format, except where otherwise noted.

Supplemental Notes:

Other Material: