CS 2704 - Fall 1999

How to create a VC++ 6.0 Project
using wxWindows and the Sample Source code.
A step by step guide

First: Start VC++ 6.0

*** Create a new Project & Workspace ***

*** Edit the Project Settings ***
In order for your project to compile using wxWindows and the Sample code, you must make the following changes to the project settings:

NOTE: the easiest way to do this is to read this carefully, and copy and paste everything that's green into the VC++ Settings. You may want to download this text file (coming soon) that you can easily copy and paste from.

*** Add wxWindows resource file and Source code files ***

*** Create your 'Main' source file ***

*** Now you're ready to program ***
For your first several assignments you'll be doing all of the programming in the 'Main' source file. However, for the Programming Projects you will be creating your own classes, in which case you'll be adding new files to the project corresponding to the classes that you create. This will be covered in Chapter 4.

Note A: if you extracted the cs2704 folder somewhere other than c:\ you must change this entry to the appropriate path

Note B: the files that you add will depend on which chapter you're working in, and which classes you'll be using in your program. At the very least you'll need to include: Base.*, BasicFrame.*, Frame.*, Program.h, StartFrame.*, TextFrame.* If you don't add the appropriate files to the Project, it won't compile (VC++ will let you know what's missing when you try to build). Avoid adding files to the project that you're not using (messy and inefficient). More details will be given with each assignment.

Hint: if you plan to make changes to the Sample Source Code files (which you might do for any one of the projects), COPY the files which you plan to alter into the Project folder and add the COPY to the Project. Any changes you make won't affect the original file, so if you really screw something up, you can go back to the original and start over.