CS2704 Course Material - Fall 1999

This page contains links to material used in CS2704, such as source code distributions and lecture slides.

Class Slides

The course slides are available in PDF format, except where otherwise noted. wxWindows Material

Download wxWindows and Sample Source Code

To complete the exercises and projects assigned in this course, you must download and install the wxWindows software on your Windows 95/NT computer. The following zip file contains the wxWindows library and sample source code based on the material in the book.

Download "cs2704Code.zip" and "cs2704wx.zip". Extract both directly onto the root directory of your c: drive. If you do not extract directly onto "c:\", you will have to change the Visual C++ 6.0 settings in each sample Project in the Sample Source Code. The wxWindows library and the Sample Source Code will be in a folder labeled "cs2704". Follow the directions in the appropiate "samples" file below to run the sample programs that come with the code. Read the file "NewProject.html" to set up your own project workspace in VC++ 6.0 using wxWindows and the Sample Source Code.

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