Re: P3 "time" design differed resulting in penalty

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Posted by Eric on December 12, 2001 at 14:11:50:

In Reply to: P3 "time" design differed resulting in penalty posted by berto! on December 12, 2001 at 13:46:28:

: hey all - hope everybody had a good demo.
"When the simulation clock "ticks", each tow truck will be notified (AFTER the Dispatcher considers assigning tasks.) On a tick the Tow Truck must decide what to do."

A) This says the dispatcher considers assigning tasks, not that the tow trucks ask for tasks.

B) Each Tow Truck will be notified imply's that you need a function that ticks each tow truck.

If you went to class, the Professors talked about this in class. The professors went over the design of this project step by step. And if you didn't have inheritance, and you still have enough points that you're worrying about 5 points, I think you should consider yourself lucky considering this project was on Inheritance and Polymorphism.

: I have a question to the general 2704 public and to the professors also about the tick/time concept. In my implementation, i had a simulator manager class that managed the simulation. In short:

: - my implementation did have inheritance
: - my tow trucks moved themselves
: - they picked up cars on their own

: the only thing that differed was that i didn't have a function or the like where i passed tick the trucks individually.

: instead, my management class governed time and depending on each tick, each truck would "run" themselves, just for that one tick, traversing through the dispatcher's list of trucks.

: problem -
: my TA took off 5 points because of that. Mentioned something about my design wasn't what the professors had.

: my point -
: my point is that i didn't violate the spec. I didn't find it anywhere in the spec where you had to make the trucks update themselves, via passing tick to the trucks individually. in fact, i thought my implementation was complete.

: I'm not so much barking, but I would like to know how i violated the spec [as to receiving a deduction of 5 points]. keep in mind, my TA never said that i violated the spec, he just said that my implementation wasn't like the professors.

: thank you for your input

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