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Posted by Edwin Bachetti on December 02, 2001 at 14:28:38:

In Reply to: Re: MadKid has a point posted by Charles Hannum Jr on December 02, 2001 at 12:25:26:

: : What you're doing is complaining about something that is entirely your fault. What it all boils down to is the fact you made an assumption on the due date. And how does setting a due date for 10:00 instead of midnight cause it not to make sense? If you had the design done already then procrastination got you, all you had to do was type it up but you waited till the last day. The only thing you should be "put off" by is your current practice of waiting till the last day to do your homework.

: It would have taken me about 3-4 hours to type it up, that's not waiting til the last day to do my homework, that's intelligently budgeting my time. The design (and even most of the coding) was done at 10AM Wednesday - I just didn't have the typed portion done because gods forbid I'd started working on it two weeks before and didn't register the unusual due time. I've got a lot more responsibilities than this class and budgeting my time is an important aspect of keeping things done.

The homework assignment was to turn in a typed document on the tow truck class design. You said in your first post that you were going to do that the evening it was due. That by simple logic is waiting till the last day. We've all got more responsibilities than just that class and we all have to budget our time but in this case you did not budget your time wisely. You had to be incredibly, and I mean incredibly, busy to not be able to budget 3-4 hours (in pieces or all at once) to type up something you already had on notebook paper. Postponing something that late is never a good idea no matter what the assignment. Remember the time when the server went down the night an assignment was due this semester? I don't know if McQuain told his class (I'm guessing he did) but Barnette actually talked about this, saying one should never wait till the last day to turn in an assignment (avoiding an argument about that incident). Things come up, stuff happens, whether it be on your side or theirs. This should seem like a pretty obvious thing to do, with our without discussion from professors.

: : I'm sorry, but you people just don't get it. Maybe it's society, the way we coddle everyone so they can just expect a good grade like a free T-shirt, but you people have got to start taking some responsibility for yourselves. You're in college, you're pretty close to becoming an adult, and yet we still have people acting like 5-year olds.

: You misunderstand me by a wide margin. This is a second degree for me - I've been completely through the college gauntlet and worked in the "real world" for a number of years. Adult hood came a long time ago. I said the zero was my fault. I don't blame the CS department for that part, but the behaviour of the CS department was not professional nor exactly fair and that was what I criticised.

: In the real world, if your boss normally expects you to turn in your weekly report at 5PM Friday and one week for whatever reason he wants it at 8AM Friday he will actually clearly tell you well in advance that he needs it 8AM. He does this because it is professional to do so; he also does this because he actually cares about getting your work, not trying to trip you up.

: In this case, although Barnette pointed out to his sections the unusual due time, McQuain did not, at least not to my section. Their notice that there would be an unusual due time was the equivalent of putting a post-it on the water cooler. Consistency is a good thing and making the due time so out of the usual without emphasising that change smacks, to me, of trying to trip up students - that's not exactly professional behavior on their parts. While I suspect their real reason was wanting to be able to discuss the project design with everyone before the weekend it doesn't change the fact they should have pointed it out in class - these web pages should not be an excuse for professors to ignore duties that have been professor's duties since long before there was such a thing as telephone let alone the internet.

: Plus, it is true that having the contact info as the front page for this course is simply bad web design. The announcements is what logically should be the front page but they make it something you have to load manually.

If you have weekly reports due at 5pm every Friday, it's because you we're told that your weekly reports are due every Friday by 5pm (assuming your business isn't poorly run). That is a system they have set. Here they made no such system, you did. And they are not in a business such as the one you describe, they are teaching a class. Trying to parallel the two leaves a lot of holes.

The web page is the method by which you receive all assignments, not class and certainly not a water cooler. When homework is assigned you don't go to class and copy down the specs, you get it off the website. All semester we have gotten our assignments and due dates off the website, "10:00:00 Wed Nov 28 " plain as day where it always is. Could they have done more to let you know? Sure, they could have put it in the announcements, they could have mentioned it in class, they could have posted a discussion board post on, they could have e-mailed the entire class, hell they even could have called us all indivudually. But I just can't agree with your opinion that this was unprofessional when they posted the due date where they always do. The web page is not excuse, it is one of their chief methods of reaching us. As for your claim that's it's unfair, I think you need to look up the definition of "fair."

As for the last part, yeah had it been me I would have put the announcements up front as default, but this really has little basis for the topic.

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