CS 2704 Programming Projects - Fall 2001

Major Projects

Any project specification labeled "Draft" is still subject to substantial revisions.

Students must demo these projects for a TA.  Be sure to follow all of the instructions carefully.




Sample I/O Files**

Last Modified*


Hokie Hook

23:59:59 Wed Dec 5

Vehicle data file I

Car creation test:  Script   Log

TT creation test:   Script   Log

Hauler test:  Script   Log

Mover test:  Script   Log

Wrecker test:  Script   Log

Find failure test:  Script   Log


Vehicle data file II

General test:  Script   Log

Nov 29

2 Postfix Calculator 23:59:59 Mon Nov 5 1. Expressions  Results Oct 23



23:59:59 Fri Oct 5

1. Init   Movement Test   Log

2. Init   Pallet Creation Test   Log

3. Init   Simple Pickup Test   Log

4. Init   Move Row Test   Log

5. Init   Move Row Test   Log

Sept 24



Oct 3

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Information Applying to All Projects

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