Computer Science 1704
Intro to Data Structures & Soft Eng

Lecture Recordings

These recorded lectures are from a previous Fall Tuesday/Thursday offering of CS 1704. (They are not intended to be used by students as an excuse to miss lectures. There is no substitute for a live discussion.) Students should use these recordings in order to review lectures in which they feel they did not grasp all of the concepts or material. Please be aware that if you must miss a class due to an emergency, these recordings will not contain everything from the class. Class administration announcements, and pre-lecture question dialogues are not present in these recordings. These files have been slightly edited to contain the portion of the class discussion related solely to the course notes. Students will need to have a copy of the course notes present when listening to these recordings for maximum effectiveness. I have tried to refer to the section slides numbers frequently to help listeners follow along.

These audio files, while compressed are still quite large, (measured in MegaBytes). If you are using a modem expect a long download time. The files are currently in a Real audio format and requires that you have the Real audio player/plugin (or equivalent) installed on your system and connected to your Web browser. The Real audio player/plugin is freely available at (This is the direct link to the free RealPlayer basic 8.0 download page.)

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- Sir Henry Newbolt (1890-1971)

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- Thomas Hood (1799-1845)

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