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WebCT Tutorial

The following tutorial pages briefly describe the CS 1704 WebCT course sub-site quiz system. Before taking an online quiz students must first work through this tutorial to learn how to use the system. (Failure to do so may result in quiz score penalties.) Press the upper right "Next Page" button to proceed through the tutorial. Clicking on any of the above links, C++ CS1704 button or the WebCT Professor logo will open the CS1704 WebCT login request explained in the following page. After successfully logging on, the CS1704 WebCT pages will be opened in a separate browser window. This will allow students to take the quizzes in one window while browsing in this window.

In addition to the following pages, there is a short one page WebCT introduction page from the Univ. of North Texas that students may read. Students may choose to visit the WebCT home page and peruse the online WebCT system documentation. However, be aware that CS1704 is only using the online quiz module within WebCT. WebCT is a complete online complex course develpment system and the majority of the documentation does not apply to the CS1704 WebCT site.

Honor Code Notice!

The CS 1704 online quizzes are open book, open notes, open Web quizzes. It is an honor code violation to discuss, (in any form: written, verbal or electronic), any portion of these quizzes with any other students, (regardless of whether they are taking the course or not). It is also an honor code violation to have a copy of a quiz, (in any form: written, verbal or electronic), in your possession when not taking a quiz. Submission of a quiz constitutes your Virginia Tech Honor Code Pledge:

"On my honor, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this examination."

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