Computer Science 1704
Intro to Data Structures & Soft Eng

CS 1704 Prerequisites

Prerequisites: CS 1044 or CS 1344 (NO exceptions)



All students must complete the CS department prerequisite form, and return it in class . Hardcopies will be handed out in class. An Acrobat PDF version is available online for printing.



The Computer Science Department rigorously enforces the prerequisite requirements for all courses. Additionally, for majors or minors in Computer Science the Department enforces the requirement that all prerequisite Computer Science courses be completed with a grade of C or better. Any student not meeting these requirements and not obtaining written permission from the course instructor to remain in the course, must withdraw from the course within the first week of classes. Any student who is subsequently found not to meet these requirements will be subject to an honors violation report on the basis of falsification of qualifications. Instructors are NOT bound to investigate the records of students to ascertain their prerequisite status; this is the student's own responsibility.

A student who has received an "incomplete" in the prerequisite course is not considered to have completed that course. Students who were permitted by the Dean's office to defer the final examination of a prerequisite course for medical or personal reasons must consult with the instructor of the subsequent course and obtain written permission before continuing in the class. A student who anticipates a change of grade in the prerequisite course which will result in being qualified to register for the current course, must submit a copy of the change of grade form to the instructor within the first week of classes.

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