Notes to get started in CS1204

This is a completely online self-study self-paced web-based course. There will be no required in-class meetings during the semester. There may be a few optional meetings scheduled during the term. The place, date and time of these meetings will be announced later. Be aware that all the course materials and the grading components (e.g., quizzes and assignments) are on the web and students may begin taking them as soon as they are available at the start of the term. (An announcement will be made as soon as they are online).

CS majors or anyone else with credit for CS 1204 (formerly CS 1205) should not take CS 1604. The courses partially duplicate each other and you cannot receive credit toward graduation for both courses.

Online Quiz Information

All students should read through the online WebCT Quiz System tutorial to learn how to take the quizzes. Each quiz is essentially a 10 question multiple choice quiz. Quizzes are open-web, open-notes, open-book, (closed friend), tests, (i.e., the VA Tech Honor code is in effect.) Most of the quiz questions are taken from the online notes. However, some questions come from the readings and online Web links. Students should work through all of the online course notes and readings preceding a quiz as listed on the course schedule.

Course Grading Information

(See the course webpages on grading and evaluation.)

  1. 12 online quizzes with 10 questions each.

    Each quiz has a weight age of 5% to the final grade. An extra quiz or two may be added later during the semester, but the total weight for all the quizzes will remain 60%.

  2. A personal home page development project is due about 2/3 of the way through the term. This required assignment carries a weight of 15%.
  3. An online final exam carries a 25% weight and may be taken towards the last 2 weeks or so of the course/semester.

Text Book

The text book and CD listed on the readings page are not required. It is up to the student to decide if they need to purchase the text and accompanying CD.

General course guidelines and student to do list items

  1. Students may wish to turn `on' the underlining option for the links from the Preferences or Internet option section on your web browser so that the course links are easily visible and underlined.
  2. The interface to the course web-site may be changed later during the semester, please do not get alarmed. Everything else will remain the same.
  3. A quiz may be started and worked upon any number of times, but can be submitted only do not worry if the power goes out while you are in the middle of the quiz. You can just restart your web browser and start over. As long as you did not submit it, you are fine.
  4. The course schedule is on the web. Please follow the schedule to access the online notes and stay on track through the course. The schedule is flexible, and may change a bit from time to time. But pretty much it will remain the same.
  5. Announcements for the course will be made through the course web site and listserv. Read through the initial listserv messages dealing with course policies and filtering messages.
  6. The individual learning assignments are optional and may be done as self-study work.
  7. There is a web discussion board for the course which is an electronic bulletin board for all students enrolled in the course. To use it, all you need to do it register. This may be used for course purposes only to exchange/share information with other students. No quiz questions or discussion of quiz questions should posted. To do so is a violation of the VA Tech Honor Code.
  8. Request for a Filebox using the WWW Filebox link from the course web page for about 20MB of space on a VA Tech Web server which you may use for your homepage. You will want to do this as soon as possible as it takes from 3 days to over a week for fileboxes to get activated. Instructions for requesting the filebox and using it are linked off of the homepage project description.
  9. CS 1204 is a course designed for CS majors. It does however share many of the same topics (and files) with the corresponding course for non-CS majors, CS 1604.

Other Important Notes:


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