WWW Personal HomePage Project

Due Date: 11:55pm Nov. 17, 2002

Compose your own homepage. We encourage you to be as creative as possible. This is your chance to employ many of the web technologies which you have studied in this course. While you are free to compose a set of hyperlinked webpages, we are only grading one page---the one which can be retrieved with the URL below. Therefore DO NOT use frames. While authoring your page, please remember that anyone and everyone on the global internet might read your homepage.

You webpage must be composed of well-formed HTML. We define well-formed HTML to be HTML which contains no unmatched < and >, no unmatched tags, and no improper nesting. Note that our definition of well-formed HTML does not imply valid HTML. We doubt, however, that well-formed HTML, by our definition, will crash a browser. You may check here to determine if your webpage is well-formed HTML. Any webpage which does not pass this test will receive a 0.

In addition, for full credit, your webpage must meet the following requirements.

This assignment is not intended to be difficult or time-consuming. Any webpage meeting the above requirements is a valid submission. Although we recommend against it, you may use web authoring tools. Regardless of how composed, your webpage must consist of well-formed HTML.

Show everyone how creative you can be. Some people spend a lot of time on their homepage. For examples, please see some of the csugrad homepages.

You will host your homepage on the following machine: filebox.vt.edu. You will need to signup for a WWW VT filebox here.

filebox.gif (8907 bytes)

After you have received your filebox and composed your HTML documents, you will need to upload the pages to your account on filebox.vt.edu.

Abbreviated Filebox Upload Instructions

Using an FTP utility (e.g., WS_FTP), login to filebox.vt.edu using your PID as the userid and your pid password as the password. Your home directory is /[capital letter of 1st character of yourPID]/[yourPID]/. My pid is sperugin. Therefore, my home directory on filebox.vt.edu is /S/sperugin, for example. If your default directory is different when you login through ftp, check with the pwd (print working dir command from within ftp) to see if it is different; or traverse to the correct directory if you are using an FTP program on Windows. Then upload your homepage with the file name: index.html. We request that you use this filename. Disk space on your filebox account is limited to 30MB.

How to submit your webpage

We will automatically download your webpage on the deadline. You must ensure however that your webpage is available from the following URL:

http://filebox.vt.edu/users/[yourPID]/ (in my case, http://filebox.vt.edu/users/sperugin/, for example)

In order to make your webpage accessible from this URL, you must name your webpage file index.html as requested above. If you fail to follow these directions carefully, we will be unable to retrieve your page and therefore you will receive a score of zero. You will receive your grade via email.

Author: N. Dwight Barnette
Curator: Computer Science Dept : VA TECH ; Copyright 1994-99.
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