CS 1114 Credit By Examination (CBE) Fall 2018    

Students may obtain credit for CS 1114 by completing a programming project AND taking an examination, obtaining a score of at least 70% on both

Examination Information

The examination will be given on Tuesday, August 21 from 6:00 to 7:00 at McBryde Hall room 631. Students must send email to barnette@vt.edu no later than  August 14 indicating their decision to attempt to test out of CS 1114. (Email requests must be made from a student's Va Tech email address prior to program submissions.)

Students MUST obtain a CBE, credit-by-examination form, (CS Dept office in McBryde Hall room 114), and follow the instructions on that form.  The programming project and CBE payment MUST be completed prior to attempting the examination, and you must bring the corresponding credit-by-exam payment receipt paperwork to the exam.

Programming Project Information

Specification Due Last Modified

GPA statistics

Friday, August 17 by Noon

Oct. 19, 2017

Students may elect to use any Java development environment they wish. It is recommended that they employ the customized VT BlueJ distribution environment. Access the installation and download instructions page. VT-BlueJ is available for free download from the CS 1114 Web site. Students should download the latest ver. 3.0.5. Student's needing an introduction to BlueJ may access the on-line BlueJ Tutorial.

Solutions must be submitted on-line to the Web-CAT (Web Computer Automated Testing) system. The BlueJ environment contains an integrated Web-CAT submission facility. The Web-CAT system is a TDD (Test Driven Development) based system. The BlueJ IDE supports TDD through JUnit integration. Students not familiar with Test-First based program development will need to read and work through the Unit Testing in BlueJ tutorial. The course notes on TDD and Web-CAT are also available. The JUnit API class documentation is available on-line. Web-CAT requires students to submit unit test classes with their classes to ensure the correct functionality of their solution. Student solutions must include thorough testing code and pass the Web-CAT reference test cases for the problem.

Optionally, students choosing not to use BlueJ will need to download the CS student Package: student.jar (v4.08 10/20/2011) and install it on their development Java path to use any of the CS student package classes for the project, (although none are required to complete this project). Documentation for the CS student package API is available on-line. (See the student.jar API and Java Input-Output tutorial.) Non-BlueJ submissions must be made directly to the Web-CAT server through its web interface. Note that all the files for the project must be compressed into a Java jar archive for submission.

Code from the standard Oracle Java API and the student.jar may be used in the solution. All other code used in the solution must be produced by the student. (Use of code not in the Java API, the student.jar or not produced by the student is a Va Tech Honor violation.)

Send comments and inquiries to:    barnette@vt.edu
Last updated May 29, 2017