Characteristics of High Level Languages

        This post-class activity will test your knowledge of the characteristics of high level languages.  Below are 12 squares, when the activity begins, each will contain a supposed characteristic of high level languages.  Of the 12, only 6 are true characteristics.  To begin the activity, press the "START" button.  Your choices will then be revealed and the timer will begin to count down the 30 seconds you have to complete this activity.  At any time during those 30 seconds you may press the "SCORE" button to find out how many of your choices are correct.  Any of your choices may be changed as many times as you wish up to the end of the 30 seconds.  When you have selected 6 characteristics and wish to change one, remember to discard one of your current selections before selecting its replacement.

[ This page is the practice version of the real post-class activity.  It is identical to the real thing in every way except that when you complete the activity on this page, your score is not submitted to the system, rather it is displayed to you.  When you feel that you have the hang of the activity and that you can move on to the real thing, just click the "END PRACTICE" button at the bottom of the page.  You will be taken to the real activity where your score, whatever it may be, is submitted to the system at the end of the 30 seconds.  Good Luck. ]

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