High Level Language Programming


An Overview of the Programming Language C++

** The term "type" can be applied to any identifier in a programming language and is NOT restricted to only data elements; in fact, every "first class object" in a progamming language has an associated type. A better definition is:

Is a tuple composed of
  1. the set of permitted objects that may be associated with an identifier, and
  2. the set of applicable operations over those objects.


Type: Integer
Objects Operations

The set of integers from 0 to maxint


Addition (+)

Subtraction (-)

Multiplication (*)

Integer Division (/)


Type: variable
Objects Operations

An identifier of memory location that can contain a representation of a specific type


The same operations as are permitted for the associated type

assignment (:=)


Type: program
Objects Operations

A set of executable statements and function definitions




Type names include not only integer, real, and character, but also array, function, program, label, etc. Some types are defined by the location of a language element in a program and not by specific declaration.

The History of C++
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