Circuit Design


Click on cell to install circuit element:

Click on the image to insert:



The construction of a circuit simply requires that you click first on a cell and then on the portion of the circuit that you need to put in that location. The leftmost column is reseved for the input values (0 or 1), and the rightmost column will show the result provided that the last circuit element in a row is .

At any time you may replace a circuit element by simply clicking on the cell and then the new item.

After clicking on the "COMPUTE" button the display will show the progression of values throught the circuit. As the computation continues the circuit elements are replaced in the display by current value associated with part of the circuit. However to not confuse the display where an element is carrying two values, only "straight through" circuit elements are replaced. Once the computation is complete the original circuit may be redisplayed by clicking the "DISPLAY CIRCUIT" button. Similarly new data input values may be input by clicking the "CHANGE INPUT" button; the same is needed if you wan to modify the circuit. At any time you can hit the "RESET" button to introduce a new circuit.

Last updated 2001/10/08
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