Characteristics of Pseudocode
There is no fixed syntax. Clarity of expression, rather than rigidity, is the essence of pseudocode.


  1. In fact programming systems (and thus algorithms) contain five styles of control: sequencing, condition, iterative, recursive, and abstraction (also known as procedure call). See Lee's law for other examples.
  2. A variable is a type of object (both is mathematics and programming languages) that can be associated with different values, though in mathematics the value is fixed for the duration of a particular consideration.
  3. An identifier is a means of "identifying" on object; commonly identifiers are names given to an object. The term "names" commonly infers alphabetic strings. On the other hand, the identifier of a numeric value for example is a numeric string -- such as 3.1415926. "A+B" is the identifer of a particular expression.


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