CS 1044 Policies on Electronic Devices

Every student in the course is entitled to be able to easily view and listen to the lecture presentations.  Hindering this will not be tolerated.

Students must adhere to the following rules regarding the use of electronic devices during lecture if they wish to remain in the course.  If any student uses an electronic device in a manner that is distracting or disturbing to another student, the offended party should ask the offending party to cease, or bring the situation to the attention of the course instructor.  Failure to immediately cease usage of an electronic device when ordered to do so by the course instructor is grounds for immediate dismissal from the classroom.  Failure to leave when ordered to do so is grounds for formal charges under university policies.

Cell phones

Students must turn off or silence all cell phones upon entry to the classroom.  No audible calls may be accepted or made during lecture.  You may quietly exit the room if you must take or place a call.  Text messaging is allowed, provided it does distract or disturb other students.

Laptop computers

Students are encouraged to bring a laptop computer to class; however, audio output must be muted.  Students may work on laptops during lecture, provided they do not distract or disturb other students. 

Other devices

All unnamed electronic devices may be used, subject to the basic requirement that other students may not be distracted or disturbed.

Generally obnoxious behavior

If you want to have a conversation with another student during lecture, quietly leave the room.  The general ambient noise level in a large lecture, due to paper shuffling and creaking chairs and similar phenomena, is sufficiently distracting.  Unnecessary additions to that will not be treated graciously.

Relevant University policies include: