Here's how you can get a project started using MS Visual Studio 2005

  1. Start Visual Studio and choose Create: Project...
    MS Visual Studio 2005 Start Page

  2. You will want to choose a Win32 Console Application.  This is found under the C++ tree.  Give your project a name like project1, starCounter, etc.  The name really doesn't matter to anyone but you.  As you type the name, the solution name is also filled in...this is fine.  When you have picked your name, go ahead and click "ok".
    Create a new project dialog
  3. Next you need to set the application settings.  Here you want to make sure you uncheck "Use Precompiled Headers" and make sure you check "Empty Project".  After that, you can simply click "Finish" and you project is ready for you to add files to it.
    Application Settings Dialog
  4. Next you need to create the file where you will be doing all your typing.  This can be done about a million different ways, the eastiest way is from the "Project Menu", you choose "Add New Item".
    Add New Item Drop Down
  5. From here you get a dialog that allows you to choose the file type and the name for the file.  We will be creating cpp files.  Usually I call my file main.cpp, but the name really doesn't matter to anyone but you.
    Add New Item Dialog Box
  6. Once you have picked your name, click "Add" and you are ready to go!!