CS 1044 Mini-Programming Projects

The mini-projects are small assignments that are intended to develop skills in small-scale issues that will be important in the larger projects.  Your scores on these will be used as extra credit; each mini-project will add up to 0.5 to your final course average.

Several of the mini-project ideas used below were adapted from Nick Parlante's JavaBat site.




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Minimum Of Three

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June 15

2 Monkey Trouble 23:59 June 19 N/A June 15
3 Count Evens 23:59 June 26 N/A June 22
4 Is Everywhere 23:59 June 26 N/A June 22
5 Simple Struct 23:59 July 1 N/A June 25
6 Array of Structs 23:59 July 5 N/A June 29

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All your programming assignments will be submitted to the Curator system.  The submission page is here.

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