CS 1044 Policies on Programming Help

Getting Programming Help from the TAs or the Course Instructor

If you seek help from one of the TAs or the course instructor, you are expected to have already made a valid effort to solve the programming problem on your own.  Prior to asking for help, you should (at minimum) have created a design/outline of a proposed solution.

If you are seeking help for your C++ code, besides having a proposed design for a solution, you should have:

You should NOT seek help on a programming problem from a TA or the course instructor if:

You may be denied help, at the discretion of the TA or course instructor, if you have not done your part by following these guidelines.

Possible Sources of Tutoring Help on Campus

External Help

You may, of course, seek help from other individuals, provided that the other person does not write any program code for you.  For example, a tutor (paid by you or supplied otherwise) may review your program code, explain syntax errors to you, and make high-level suggestions about design and solution techniques.  A tutor may ask you questions to try to lead you to discover a solution.  But, a tutor may not simply write the program for you. 

All help you receive must be performed in a way that conforms to the Honor Code statement for CS 1044.  It is your responsibility to make sure that tutors are aware of the limitations by showing them the Honor Code statement for this course.  Failure to do that does not absolve either you or the tutor from the obligation to abide by those restrictions, and it is not accepted as a defense by the VT Honor System.


Because honor code issues have been a persistent issue in this course, the instructor reserves the right to demand that any student be able to explain the logic and the C++ language used in his/her solution to any programming assignment in this course.  If a student is unable to satisfactorily do so, the instructor may choose to file charges with the VT Honor System.