Selected Visual C++ Error Messages

Numbered Compiler Error Messages

[C1001]  "Internal compiler error".

This means that an error occurred when the Visual C++ compiler was parsing your source code.  Usually, restarting Visual C++ will eliminate this error.  If not, carefully check your C++ source code.  Evidently, there's something there so nasty that the compiler's internal logic broke while parsing it.  If you can't find anything, try compiling your source code on one of the CS lab machines.  If the same error occurs there, ask one of the TAs for help.  If not, see the following error message...

[C1004]  "Unexpected end of file found".

This almost always results from your source code file either containing an extra opening brace '{' or missing a closing brace '}'.  

The best way to avoid this is to always enter the braces in pairs, then back up and enter the code between them.

Miscellaneous Error Messages

"Error spawning cl.exe".

This means that an error occurred when the Visual C++ IDE attempted to start the compiler/linker program (cl.exe).  I've seen this happen under two circumstances:

Last modified: Monday, June 10, 2002