CS 1044 Grades - Summer I 2001

Final course grades.  Grades are posted by the last six digits of your VT ID number.

The posted grades include the all five homework assignments, all seven programming projects, updated quiz grades, the midterm test, and the final exam.  There was no curve (see the averages at the bottom of the second page of the posted grades).  I did apply rounding when setting +/- grades.

The average was computed using the following weights:

Item Weight
Final Exam 25%
Midterm 15%
HW Avg 8%
Quiz Avg 2%
Project 1 2%
Project 2 4%
Project 3 6%
Project 4 8%
Project 5 10%
Project 6 8%
Project 7 12%

 The homework average includes your four best homework scores (out of five).  The quiz average drops your lowest three quiz scores.

Last modified: Tuesday, July 03, 2001