CS 1044 Announcements - Summer II 2001

July 6 - Starting on Monday, July 10, class will meeting in McBryde 209.

July 9 - Homework 1 is posted and must be submitted to the EAGS by Midnight, Friday July 13.

July 16 - Notes on String Input and Golden Rules For Programming have been added under the Notes section.

August 6 - Remember that the lab will NOT be open on Friday.  The final program (as well as Homework 3) are due on Thursday.  

                 If you need an extra day to work on the program (with a penalty, you will need to make sure you have access to you own 


                As was mentioned before, the final is 8:00 AM on Saturday, August 11.  The exam is mandatory and there will be no early

                or late offerings.

Last modified: Monday, August 06, 2001