CS 1044 Online Resources

How to get a CS lab account (SLO account):

How to get a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003:

If you don't understand how to do any of that, you're probably better off working in the McBryde 118 lab.

*Allegedly all that's actually necessary is the last file listed on the site (en_vs.net_2003_pro_full.exe.  I haven't verified that, but it's probably true.

Remote Access to the McBryde 116/118 Lab Machines

You can log in and use your CS lab account remotely by using the Remote Desktop feature of Windows XP and later:

This is not recommended unless you have a high-speed internet connection.

Saving Files on the Lab Machines

Put any files you want to keep on the Z drive on the lab machines.  (If you open My Computer, you'll find an entry for your pre-created directory on the Z-drive.)  Files you leave on the C drive will be wiped from the machine automatically.

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