CS 1044 Policy on Extensions

There are many circumstances that may prevent a student from completing an assignment by its deadline.  Most of those are solely the responsibility of the student, and do not merit granting any additional time for the assignment.  Even when circumstances so justify granting an extension on an assignment, students must understand that the usual consequence is that less time is then left to complete the next assignment in the course, and that this can easily lead to a cascading sequence of stress and late work.

Extensions will only be granted for events or activities that are recognized by the University.  Club sports are not University-recognized activities and do not merit an extension for an assignment.

Requests based on medical issues must include relevant documentation showing that the student sought diagnosis and/or treatment for the problem.

Requests based on important personal matters (deaths, weddings, etc.) must include documentation or must be made through the students academic advisor or the Dean of the student's college. 

Students experiencing personal problems should contact their Dean and the Cook Counseling Center.