Course Notes Package

CS 1044 course notes are available at A-1 Copies in University Mall.  The notes have been substantially revised since Spring 2001. All course notes are © copyrighted by the authors.

The online version may be changing as the semester progresses. Please be aware that students who choose to purchase the hard copy version are responsible for keeping up with the course note changes. Alterations will be pointed out in lecture only. There will be no online posting of notices that detail course note changes.



Chapter Topic
1 Introduction
2 Program Design
3 Fundamentals
4 Input / Output (I/O)
5 Booleans and Selection
6 Iteration
7 Functions
8 Arrays
9 Types
10 Structures
11 Searching
12 Sorting
13 string Operations


Additional notes may be posted during the term.


Adobe Acrobat® PDF Documents

Many of the documents for this course will be in the Adobe Acrobat PDF (Portable Document Format) form.
There are several ways to get the Adobe Acrobat Reader:

  1. Download it from the VT 4Help Computer Consulting.
  2. Download it from Adobe Corporation.